fair [1] ADJECTIVE 1) just or appropriate in the circumstances. 2) treating people equally. 3) considerable in size or amount. 4) moderately good. 5) (of hair or complexion) light; blonde. 6) (of weather) fine and dry. 7) Austral./NZ informal complete. 8) archaic beautiful.
ADVERB 1) in a fair manner. 2) dialect to a high degree.
all's fair in love and war — Cf. ↑all's fair in love and war
fair and square — Cf. ↑fair and square
fair dinkum — Cf. fair dinkum
fair dos — Cf. ↑fair dos
fair enough — Cf. ↑fair enough
the fair sex (also the fairer sex) — Cf. ↑the fairer sex
fair's fair — Cf. ↑fair's fair
it's a fair cop — Cf. ↑it's a fair cop
DERIVATIVES fairish adjective fairness noun.
ORIGIN Old English.
fair [2] NOUN 1) a gathering of stalls and amusements for public entertainment. 2) a periodic gathering for the sale of goods. 3) an exhibition to promote particular products.
ORIGIN Latin feria, from feriae 'holy days' (on which fairs were often held).

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